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For Students

Urban Partnership for Christian Education


We are currently seeking students who would benefit and succeed in the Eastern Christian School System who would normally be unable to attend due to financial limitations or thrive in such a setting due to inadequate support in the community or at home.


Young People


We all have dreams. Some of us even have a vision for something better. When it comes to our kids, we believe passionately that the sky’s the limit. And why not? Imagine what we could do when we’re “Rev’d Up” for God...

At Bridgeway, ministry to the children and youth of the church and community is a priority. “Rev’d Up” is our youth initiative which seeks to reach out to our community’s children for Christ, discipling the children and youth that God has blessed us with, and raising up a new generation of followers for Christ.

With love for the children of our community and a passion for the Gospel, our calling is to reach out and make an impact in their lives, to partner with them and their parents as they grow as disciples of Christ. This isn’t a “them/us” thing. It’s a “together” thing.

Join this great vision and get Rev’d Up with us for what God is calling us to do! Visit the DiscipleLand or Youth Small Group pages to learn more. You can also contact Eric or Kim Fluit to find out what is coming up.

(973) 595-6235