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About Us

Mission: Go into Haledon, Prospect Park, and North Paterson in love to find and rescue those who are perishing.

  • Perishing means the suffering of destruction in every form: spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically.
  • Find means that we are seeking those who are not seeking us.
  • In love means that we are motivated from our hearts by the sacrifical love of Jesus to lay down our lives.


VisioN: Bridgeway is a discipleship center that RESTORES the hearts of men, women, and children and RELEASES them into the community as missionaries of the Gospel.

  • Discipleship center means that the church has one goal- to raise up disciples and deploy them into the community.
  • Restores means that we relentlessly capture people’s hearts and minds with the truth of the Gospel bringing spiritual (salvation), emotional (healing), relational (reconciliation), and physical (wholeness) restoration.
  • Releases means that we continually deploy disciples in the power of the Spirit to use their gifts and advance the Gospel in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.
  • Community means Haledon, Prospect Park, and Northside of Paterson.
  • Missionaries means that Bridgeway is intentional with every member that they are sent by God to find and rescue the perishing.
  • Gospel means the rescue, restoration, and rule of God toward all who trust him for the free gift of salvation.

We are sons and daughters of God living in response to the Gospel.